About Us

As dog lovers, their ever-increasing number in urban households has caught our attention.
Daily close contact nowadays requires special care for our favorite four-legged.

Dog salons are very popular

Dog salons are very popular, but not everyone uses their services. In addition, those who visit the salons regularly must cover the period between the two dates and find a quick solution if necessary. In such situations, the problem is most often solved in households, but this raises many questions. Domestic conditions may not satisfy the dog for safe cleaning, and even lengthy cleaning does not attract anyone.

After deepening our knowledge, it was no longer questionable that we wanted to address this issue. We became acquainted with the unique concept of bathrooms for dogs in the spring of 2020. At that time, we were not yet able to accurately identify the potential of the self-service station. The current continuous development and automation have gradually strengthened us in the fact that technology is the right solution.

We paid great attention

We paid great attention to the full equipment, such as towels, ear protectors, protective aprons, vending machine with food for dogs and a vending machine for dogs. It was important that we were in a concentrated and central city with all-day availability. Bratislava was the best choice for us.

In order to constantly increase awareness, you can meet us in several places, e.g. on social networks, in Panta Rhei stores, etc. We want our special service to be available in more cities to make life easier for more and more guys.

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