How does it work?

Nothing is easier than using our Vau-Vau washroom! You can visit us 24 hours a day without a mandatory reservation. What awaits you?
Step 1

Bath disinfection

Pay the appropriate amount for the procedures you want. Washing programs can be activated by cash, Vau-Vau loyalty card or PayPass bank card.

Step 2

Putting the dog in the bath

In order to safely bathe your dog, start the procedure by disinfecting the bath. Then open the door from the side or front of the device and put the dog in the tub.

Step 3


Select the washing programs you want, with no procedure required. The duration of the program and its thoroughness are left entirely to the discretion of the owner. You have a standard shampoo, anti-parasite shampoo, as well as conditioner.

Step 4


Rinse the used cosmetics thoroughly from your pet’s fur.

Step 5


Dry the dog at a comfortable temperature with a professional hair dryer. The device allows you to choose between 3 stages of blow-drying, so you can set the most suitable temperature for your dog. We recommend that you pause the program before blow-drying and wipe the fur of your pet with towels placed directly in our store. This will speed up and streamline the blow-drying process. We haven’t forgotten about the four-legged, noise-sensitive. Use Vau-Vau earmuffs to make bathing a more enjoyable experience for him.

Step 6

Unloading the dog from the tub

After unloading the dog, disinfect the tub and leave the room clean.

Clean dog, happy owner

We wish the dog a nice bath!
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