The dog washer works with a fee of 0.75 EUR per minute,
but the specific price of washing depends on the selected programs and the size of the dog.

What does it mean?
In our dishwasher you will find 6 + 1 functions: bath disinfection, washing with shampoo, washing with anti-parasite shampoo, conditioner, rinsing with clean water, blow-drying and suspending the program. You are free to choose which procedure to apply, but the bound program does not exist. The final price is always a multiple of the elapsed minutes and 0.75 EUR.

For example:
you disinfect the bath in 15 seconds, wash the dog with shampoo for 2 minutes, conditioner for 1.5 minutes, followed by a 3-minute rinse with clean water, blow-dry the hair in 4 minutes, and finally finish the disinfection procedure for 15 seconds. It took a total of 15 s + 120 s + 90 s + 180 s + 240 s +15 s = 660 seconds, ie. 11 minutes. You spent € 8.25.


Average time and cost

after comprehensive washing and drying of the dog by size:
Pricing for
Small dogs
  • 6-10 MINUTES
01234567890                     .01234567890                     -01234567890                     .0123456789001234567890
Pricing for
Medium size dogs
  • 10-15 MINUTES
01234567890                     .0123456789001234567890                     -0123456789001234567890                     .0123456789001234567890
Pricing for
Big dogs
  • 15-20 MINUTES
0123456789001234567890                     .0123456789001234567890                                         -                     0123456789001234567890

You can throw coins worth 50 cents or 1 and 2 EUR into the washroom, pay with a Vau-Vau loyalty card or a PayPass bank card. Please note that the device will not spend money.

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